MEDWAY Healthcare Institute is rooted in a family heritage of medicine and patient care. I’m an internist father, who’s dedicated a 50-year career to serving the Southside of Chicago, married to an RN mother who’s cared for a substantial amount of this cities’ diverse communities, I’m proud of my MD son & MD daughter-in-law, who are forging their medical practices as we speak, and have been privileged to build a home healthcare agency with family, friends & nurses, that has stood the test of the past 25 year.


So, to answer your question, we are a start-up school, that has some experience in healthcare.


I am overjoyed to launch MEDWAY Healthcare Institute – a Chicago-based, Hybrid-Healthcare,  teaching-clinic, conceived with the hope of remedying an immediate problem our communities face over the next 25-years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we’re about to brave a healthcare professional shortage, predicted to ail our retiring elderly population and fall short of our ever increasing demand for well-trained healthcare professionals.


Our Institute’s plan is three-fold:


  • Find instructors who also have committed their lifetime to the healthcare profession and are willing and able to pass on their experiences to you.


  • Create a “Real-World” learning environment by nesting the school in a physician’s active practice.


  • Instill today’s tools and technologies, into our curriculum, with the hope of properly equipping our caretakers of tomorrow with technology and laptops. 


We aim to gather together the old and the new, and empower a future generation of healthcare professionals with a capable mind, a professional spirit and the confidence to engage the progressing field of healthcare.


With a hopeful eye to the future,

Rudyard Smith, M.D.
MEDWAY President